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Metro Paris Subway app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 8288 ratings )
Travel Navigation
Developer: Presselite
0.99 USD
Current version: 5.3, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 22 Nov 2008
App size: 14.9 Mb

Metro Paris Subway is the original and No. 1 selling application for getting around Paris, France.

◉ Metro Paris Subway is recommended by the Financial Times and the Los Angeles Times. Featured by Apple.

Metro Paris Subway for iPhone and iPod Touch is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Paris, France. It includes official subway maps. Metro Paris Subway is officially licensed by RATP of Paris.

◉ Latest official map of Paris Metro, RER (the additional regional express network of Paris) and Paris Bus. Detailed map of each line in Paris (Metro, RER, Tramway, and SNCF Transilien).

◉ Precise location of each station on the map (with a red circle). This application is fully compatible with Apple Maps, each station is represented by a red pin, a popup shows you the distance, and its updated live (thanks to GPS) as you walk down the streets of Paris.

◉ The journey planner tool allows you to find automatically the best route to get to your destination in Paris Metro. Interactive map to choose your stations for the route. To get better Route results, please switch into Best Route in the settings.

◉ The journey planner does not require a network connection to operate, it works perfectly while in the subway.

◉ A bookmark manager allows you to save your stations and routes.

◉ The application locates the nearest metro stations from your position in Paris. You can also provide an address in Paris, all the stations closest to that address will be displayed.

◉ Paris Metro Service updates (Real time travel news) are available.

◉ Metro Paris Subway application has added push notification support that allows you to be notified in background, even if you have closed the application. This new feature allows you to receive Paris Metro alerts in real time, when a disrupted line is detected, a notification is automatically sent to your iPhone. A numbered badge to Metro Paris Subway application icon shows the current number of disrupted lines.

◉ Paris Bus is now available in the same application through in-app purchase. This option allows you to switch between the underground and bus systems at any time using the same application. This add-on includes the official Paris Buses map from RATP with the key bus routes, locates the nearest bus stations, and also offers a Journey Planner tool.

◉ You can add new Point of Interest (POI) databases to Metro Paris Subway application through in-app purchase. These options allow you to activate Food & Drink POI, Restaurants POI, Coffee, Pastry & Ice Cream POI, Leisure POI, and Accommodation POI in all over France. You will be able to locate all nearby POI on Apple Maps.

◉ This application is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Metro Paris Subway Your New Eye. This is a unique augmented reality functionality that enables you to see the nearest stations and POI with iPhones camera live view. Elements located at a distance less than 1km (0,621miles) only will be displayed.

◉ iPhone vertical position: 360-degree view of all stations nearby your location, updated in real time as you walk in the streets.

◉ iPhone horizontal position: List of all nearest stations. When a station is selected, a red arrow (compass) is displayed to show the direction and the distance to that point.

Thank you for taking the time to report any bugs or to request an enhancement to Metro Paris Subway Application. Email us at

Pros and cons of Metro Paris Subway app for iPhone and iPad

Metro Paris Subway app good for

This app is amazing! The best way to explore all the city of Paris!
Very useful app if you dont want to carry around a ratty old map with you on the Paris métro. There are maps for the lesser-known Transillien/SNCF train lines, but sadly no route planner for the stations on these lines. For a tourist, however, the Métro, RER and Tram routes is more than enough.
Great app. I used the 2.x version, and it was great. The new version allows the addition of Points of Interest, but at an additional cost. This cost is not worth it. Route calculations can be a bit odd, but it gets you where you need to go. Transfers in the Paris Metro can be 100s of metres with many flights of stairs ,and this app does not take this into effect. Beware if you have luggage!
This proved very useful on our recent visit to Paris. Only thing I would look for as an improvement is that it not only tell you the line to take to get to your destination but also the direction to take on the line. This can be confusing to figure out on ones own As it requires you to trace the line map to determine the end station in the appropriate direction. Other than this one wish it is a most excellent tool to have with you in Paris. Bon voyage mon Amis!
If you ever hated feeling like a tourist by stumbling through subway maps in cities you are visiting, this app is for you! It quickly routes you from stop A to stop B, making finding any place in Paris a breeze. The only deficiency I could find was that sometimes the time estimate was either too short or too long. A highly recommended app for Paris visitors and natives!
Totally helped me getting around Paris. A must have. Easy to use.

Some bad moments

These guys making money with an incomplete map. Nonfunctional app and a UI that sucks. There are plenty of free apps much better than this one. Dont waste your money.
I bought the add-on for bus plan, but it doesnt indicate where the bus stop is and its not linked to the metro plan. RATP is providing the same kind of app and thats free and even better. バスの地図もアドオンで購入しましたが、メトロとリンクしてないし、バス停の位置もわからない。 RATPが同様のアプリを提供していますが、そちらは無料だし、Googlemap上にバス停の表示をしてくれるので、よほどマシです。アドオンまでしたのにあの程度では、他の方にはオススメできません。
Cant get screens to open. Disappointing!!! Loved London Tube Deluxe but this wont work! Had to install another app.
If I could I would rate this app -5. It is absolutely worthless. User interface is beyond unfriendly. You basically have to know the spelling of each and every single subway station for it to find it in its database. What a waste of a dollar. Makers of this app should be ashamed of themselves.
Save your money. Google maps will completely map journey including subway

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