Metro Paris Subway App Reviews

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I have become completely dependent on the metro app to navigate the city of Paris! It enables me to reach any part of the city quickly and without confusion. It is my indispensable travel app!

Incredible app; does not require data roaming.

Our first trip to Paris and we were using the Metro like we were born here. By giving it the station names, it will provide a route, telling you what line and what direction to take. Amazing and very valuable app. Highly recommend.

Easy to get around Paris

This app makes it much easier to get around Paris, far faster than looking at the maps posted in the stations.

Love this app!

I use this app every time Im in Paris - it always gives the simplest route and is easy to navigate. Highly recommend!


Very easy to navigate. Best app for getting around Paris.

Very helpful

Ive used this app extensively on a couple trips to Paris and found it very helpful.

Pure Bullcrap

These guys making money with an incomplete map. Nonfunctional app and a UI that sucks. There are plenty of free apps much better than this one. Dont waste your money.

Get this one!

I tried several on our vacation in Paris and this one was by far the best.

Always with me in Paris

Excellent maps, good look-ups by station name, and can find your way to where you want to go. Dont go to Paris without it.


Great App for getting around Paris. App is very user-friendly. Maps and directions are extremely useful for getting around Paris quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend it. It is WELL worth the price.

Extremely useful!

Ive been in Paris for a week now and Ive been using this app many times a day. It is extremely useful.


This is the most useful app I have. It works without the Internet so it is always available.

Simply awesome

This app completely saved the day and made my trip to Paris even more amazing. Unfortunately, Verizons network here does not allow for data, which makes my phone fairly useless. BUT thanks to Google Maps ability to download an entire map of Paris, with my favorite locations, and this apps ability to use GPS in offline mode, I was able to get around, see everything I wanted to see, and do so with the greatest of ease. This app made riding the Metro a breeze!!! If youre even thinking about downloading it, STOP RIGHT NOW and download it. Money very well spent!

Must have when using the Metro

Soooo handy. Much easier and more useful than a paper map. Worked so well in Paris that we bought the same Companys app for London and had good results there as well.

Great for quick reference

Ive always used the Streetwise Paris map to get around, but this vacation we tried this app. It is very quick and helpful. If you dont know Paris at all, youll need a map too, since the locations of stations dont show up as street addresses, etc. But definitely a quick way to find the shortest route between stations!

Update for modern iOS/iPhones???

Hoping this is not abandonware. :(

One of my favorite apps

Very helpful and user friendly. I cant really find a flaw. Gives me all practical information on getting around and planning a trip. I should actually use it more often. It saves time and plans better trips than I can.

Does not map journeys

Save your money. Google maps will completely map journey including subway

No data necessary

Love this app as it makes it easy to use when down in the dungeons of the metro system. Also, it allows you to plug-in the metro station youre beginning from and where you want to go and then itll give you the route including where to switch lines, etc.,..

Great Metro APP

Easy to play use. Give stop by stop to your destination Very helpful for traveling around Paris

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