Metro Paris Subway App Reviews

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Pure Bullcrap

These guys making money with an incomplete map. Nonfunctional app and a UI that sucks. There are plenty of free apps much better than this one. Dont waste your money.

Bom e funcional

Orienta muito bem as conexões entre as diversas linhas.


It Works perfectly. Excellent app


Really helpfull

Top !

Perfect !


Very useful!!


Great App!!!

Great app

Ce magnific. Very usuful.


This app is amazing! The best way to explore all the city of Paris!

Metro paris

Very usefull and reliable

Just like the website

Very useful app if you dont want to carry around a ratty old map with you on the Paris métro. There are maps for the lesser-known Transillien/SNCF train lines, but sadly no route planner for the stations on these lines. For a tourist, however, the Métro, RER and Tram routes is more than enough.

Worth It!!!

well worth the money.

well worth it

Great app. I used the 2.x version, and it was great. The new version allows the addition of Points of Interest, but at an additional cost. This cost is not worth it. Route calculations can be a bit odd, but it gets you where you need to go. Transfers in the Paris Metro can be 100s of metres with many flights of stairs ,and this app does not take this into effect. Beware if you have luggage!

Great little program

This proved very useful on our recent visit to Paris. Only thing I would look for as an improvement is that it not only tell you the line to take to get to your destination but also the direction to take on the line. This can be confusing to figure out on ones own As it requires you to trace the line map to determine the end station in the appropriate direction. Other than this one wish it is a most excellent tool to have with you in Paris. Bon voyage mon Amis!

Excellent and useful application

If you ever hated feeling like a tourist by stumbling through subway maps in cities you are visiting, this app is for you! It quickly routes you from stop A to stop B, making finding any place in Paris a breeze. The only deficiency I could find was that sometimes the time estimate was either too short or too long. A highly recommended app for Paris visitors and natives!


Totally helped me getting around Paris. A must have. Easy to use.

Well laid out and easy to use

Allows you to plan trips, tells you where to make connections, and shows approximate travel times all while off-line. Very well laid out and easy to use. Well worth the cost!


This app absolutely made my trip to Paris! Indispensable! Accurate! Made me feel like a local navigating the city by train. Only recommendation would be to include info on how to buy tickets & transfer between Metro & RER.

Best app Ive purchased

This was the best $0.99 Ive ever spent. It saved me so much time in Paris as it made it extremely easy and fast to use the Metro. There is just one thing I hope the developers will do. When the route is displayed (in the list format) please add the name of the stop at the end of the line so that in the metro station it is easier to know which train to go to. For example, the yellow line 1 ends at either La Defense or Chateau de Vincennes. You need to know which one of these is the end of the route you are travelling in order to get on the right train. With this additional info it would be perfect!


It seems like a useful app, though the push notification badge does not go away even after Ive disabled notifications in both the app and the iPod Settings. Ive deleted and reinstalled the app, but Im stuck with the badge, which is rather annoying.

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